Hassinger Equine Rehabilitation and Conditioning center is a one-of-a-kind sports therapy and rehabilitation center located within a cutting-edge equine sports medicine and imaging hospital located in the "horse friendly" Sandhills of North Carolina. The performance center provides an integrative, team approach to rehabilitate injuries and achieve peak performance from each individual athlete. The center is equipped with the most modern, cutting-edge therapy and fitness equipment. Our "all-inclusive" horse care is administered by a staff of experienced industry professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. From our veterinary staff to our experienced riders, Hassinger Equine is "THE CHOICE" of industry professionals.

AquaPacer Treadmill


 cutting-edge therapies
state-of-the-art equipment
veterinarians on staff
industry experienced professionals
customized treatment programs
performance enhancement
sales prep for young horses
5/8 mile groomed track



ECB Leg Spa

Electro Therapy

MagnaWave Therapy

Regenerative Therapy

E-Stim Muscle Therapy

AquaPacer Water Treadmill

Low  Frequency Ultrasound

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

TheraPlate Vibration Therapy

World Class, cutting-edge  therapies:

ECB Leg Spa

It all starts with a thorough diagnostic evaluation . . .

Veterinary Hospital

Electro Therapy

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